CHARLOTTE -- It's a sound that makes even the sick smile. The halls of Rex Hospital are filled with the beautiful Christmas carols played by 22-year-olds Wyatt and Carter Coleman.

"We just figured that that was something we can do to bring happiness to people,” said Carter Coleman.

Happiness and a little Christmas spirit, it's just what patients like Jack Fallon need.

"It's hard to feel Christmasy when you're in the hospital. This is my 14th day,” said Fallon. "It's the first time I really felt any Christmas spirit."

The twins have been playing the violin since they were 4 years old. When they were 12 they began coming to play for the patients and nurses at Rex Hospital, which is also where they were born.

"It's what the Christmas season is all about, just sharing joy with people who can't get out or are stuck somewhere they don't want to be,” said Wyatt Coleman.        

And the reactions like that of Fallon remind them why they come back year after year.

"The people appreciate it so much every year,” said Carter. “And it's something that's really easy for us to do.”

And Wyatt and Carter also appreciate the chance to play together again, now that they're at different colleges, thousands of miles apart.

"It brings us back to when we were living in the same city in the same state,” said Wyatt. “So I think it's as much fun for us as it is for the people we're playing for."

It's a musical tradition that provides medicine for the soul.

Carter attends Ohio's Cleveland Institute of Music while Wyatt is a student at the University of Houston.