RALEIGH - It’s one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year and now many shoppers are moving to the web hoping to snag a deal for Cyber Monday.  However, it’s not just big box retailers that are offering deep discounts, many small businesses are driving their customers to the internet too.

It’s a Sunday afternoon in downtown Raleigh and a tour group is getting ready to see the sights on a segway.

“All of our activities feature a lot of local history, so even if you lived here for a long time you're still going to get a lot of interesting stories a lot of local history,” said Sandy Masinter, owner of Triangle Glides.

With so many people in town during the Thanksgiving weekend, Triangle Glides has been busy with business.  Even though Triangle Glides is not a traditional retail store, they’ve been dishing out deals during this top weekend of shopping.

“Just jumping on the bandwagon.  Everybody is looking for a deal for shopping.  It's a great way to get the word out about our different tours and our business,” added Masinter.

Even with a brick and motar location, Cyber Monday brings in big buck for their small business.

“We just launched a gift certificate deal for Cyber Monday.  You get five dollars off per tour that you purchase.  You can use the gift certificate anytime for our tours.  We have offered deals in years past as well and they've all been successful,” Masinter said.

Just footsteps away at City Market, Porch Fly Clothing is selling their Raleigh inspired t-shirts and hoodies. 

“I grew up in Raleigh and I love it here.  I wanted to show my love through the designs we do,” said Bryant Szabo, owner of Porch Fly Clothing.

The company understands having a local presence is key, but the fifty percent discounty they’re offering online through Cyber Monday has been incredibly successful.

“It's been our best sale by far to date.  Probably 400 percent to 500 percent better than any other sales we've done so far,” added Szabo.

According to the National Retail Federation, more than 121 million holiday shoppers plan to shop online on Cyber Monday.