DURHAM--In a four day span, there have been five separate shootings in Durham that injured 12 people.

The most recent incident happened Monday night when a security guard was shot multiple times at the Duke Manor apartment complex. Last Friday, eight people were shot at a cookout on Hinson Drive.

Authorities say they need the public's help to solve the crimes but have often said that's difficult.

"The police can't be there 24 hours a day. The police need members of the community who sees these acts of violence, who have information about what's going on," said Brandon Parrott with Durham CrimeStoppers.

Many in the community say they are fearful of police, especially with the recent national headlines of police brutality. Also, they say they don't always trust police.

"Because sometimes they'll tell you things to want to make you feel good, then again they go behind your back that don't make sense," said Theresa Hall, who lives near the scene where the eight people were shot.

There's also the concern that "tipsters" may be labeled "snitchers." Authorities say there are many safeguards in place like CrimeStoppers.

"They're never asked their names. They never provide a name. They make up a name or use a code number," said Parrott.

Anyone with any information about the shootings is asked call CrimeStoppers at 919-683-1200.