RALEIGH, N.C. -- For some cancer patients at Duke Raleigh Hospital, Dr. Victoria Dorr is their first line of defense against the Coronavirus.

"I work with the oncology team, which is a group of patients who are at a higher risk for getting sick if they were to have the virus," says Dr. Dorr.

The oncologist had to take many preventive measures even before the CDC recommended them.

"From the moment that we knew that Covid was here in the United States, I was extremely vigilant. I started wearing a mask before anybody else on the team was," she adds.

She says the support staff at the hospital keeps her strong.

"We do all kind of fun little things. We have our own message page where sometimes we share stories," she says.

She believes the pandemic can't withstand a strong community bond.

"So I think if you could just take a moment and maybe do something nice for somebody else in your community, I think we can all get through this and hopefully feel better about it as well," she says.