RALEIGH, N.C. --  Ken Williams is a Road Operations Supervisor for GoTriangle. But for Sharon and Mike Zhang, he's their hero.

“I really want to thank them, because they found our wallet in such a quick time!" said Sharon Zhang.

Sharon realized she lost her wallet after riding the Durham Raleigh Express bus, or DRX. “After we go back home, I just found that my wallet was lost,” explained Sharon.  “And I’m so worried about my wallet, because I have so many cards and my license in my wallet. So we drive to Carter Finley Stadium to figure out it we can find the wallet, but there’s nothing there.”

They alerted someone with GoTriangle and Williams went to work.

“I put myself in their place,” said Williams. “If I lost something, I would want someone to return it to me, or at least go search. It doesn’t take much effort to take a walk out back to search for it.”

He was ready to search all 88 buses in the lot.

 “I was walking and looked underneath the seats, because items slide on the floor and operators can overlook them,” explained Williams. “And as I entered the fourth bus, like I’m doing now, checking with a flashlight, low and behold, there was the wallet, wedged between the seat cushions.”

The next day Sharon called the transportation center and five minutes later she got a call back that her wallet had been found.

 “I really want to say, thank you so much for your help, “ said Sharon. “Because finding something is normal for you, perhaps, but my wallet is just a special thing for me. And you just help me find that! And that means a lot to me.”

 “I was happy that on a hunch, I went out there and low and behold my hunch was right,” said Williams.

While Williams calls it a hunch, we call him our Everyday Hero. But he says good customer service is just part of the job.

“What I do, we do it day in and day out. I went a little bit above, on a hunch, but I want to give the credit to our bus operators and thank them for their integrity and honesty in the job they do,” said Williams. “I don't want to take much praise for that, but I’m thankful.”







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