Twitter: @AdrianneBTV

A North Carolina native, Adrianne Bradshaw is a proud anchor and reporter for Spectrum News Raleigh. Prior to this, Adrianne spent time gaining her reporting chops at news stations across the southern east coast, from Tampa to Charleston. A passionate journalist, Adrianne loves engaging with the community and being able to provide useful and pertinent information that enables informed decisions. More so, being able to report to viewers in her home state is a dream come true, and is part of the reason she considers her job to be so fulfilling.

Throughout the countless stories Adrianne has covered, one that will always remain with her is her coverage of the Charleston Church massacre that occurred on June 17, 2015. This horrific shooting became a national news story and required every member of the news media to use their journalistic instincts and their inner voice of reason throughout the ongoing coverage. For Adrianne, helping cover this news story, gave her an inside look at what true grit, determination and hard nose reporting looks like. She will forever be amazed by the community, journalists and families that banded together against that evil act of hatred.

Once known for her sports beat, Adrianne worked as a sports reporter/color analyst for the very conference she once played in. Adrianne is a passionate fan of her alma mater, the Clemson Tigers, and is excited to be back in ACC country in order to cheer for her team every chance she gets. A former All-ACC student athlete and team captain, she also played on the basketball team for all four years at Clemson University. An avid traveler, Adrianne loves exploring new places. Believe it or not, she’s traveled to almost all 50 states. When Adrianne isn’t on the move, you can find her relaxing with her family or grabbing a bite at the Soul Good Vegan Cafe.