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Tara Herrschaft learned to love the South after working at a news station in Georgia. However, the Peach State proved to be just a little too far from her parents living in Pennsylvania, where she spent her childhood. Growing up in the Northeast, Tara has a special appreciation for Southern hospitality...and a good bowl of grits! After visiting Raleigh, Tara knew this was the city she wanted to call home. Not only would she be closer to her parents, but she would still be able to continue to enjoy the many things she loves about the South.

Since joining the Spectrum News team in July 2015, Tara has enjoyed the opportunity to provide viewers with the most up-to-date information as both an anchor and a producer. Winner of the Associated Press’s Best Newscast Award, Tara seeks out meaningful stories that will make a difference in the lives of her viewers. Driven by her passion to share stories and raise awareness, Tara fondly remembers a special long-form story featuring Rhonda Howell and her battle with metastatic Stage IV breast cancer. Having the honor to share special stories such as Rhonda’s is what inspires Tara to come into work every day.

This Florida State University alum spends her free time cheering on her beloved Seminoles and exploring the many trails, lakes, and beaches North Carolina has to offer, with her dog, Penelope. And, while Tara knows that every time she visits the North Carolina Museum of Art she’ll find something new, she’s looking for your help in her quest to discover new beaches along the coast. Do you have a favorite place to enjoy the relaxing sounds of the crashing waves? Feel free to let Tara know. There’s still so much of the coast she has yet to explore!