WINSTON-SALEM -- "Real Men Don't Use Coupons" is the new message on a Business 40 billboard.

Mitch Carr, a mechanic and author from Maryland, bought this billboard space to promote his cartoon book, "Real Men Don't Use Coupons."

Weeks ago, the billboard contained the controversial message, "Real Men Provide, Real Women Appreciate It," which sparked protest among many. Carr said he saw the reaction and figured it'd be a good opportunity to promote his book.

"I saw the ‘Real Men’ sign and it caught my eye, and then when I saw the over-reaction from the people who twisted what it meant, then I said, 'I might be able to use that as a platform to promote my books,'" said Carr. 

It is still unclear who put up the original billboards, but the woman, Molly Grace, who organized a demonstration last month against the original message, says she plans to put one up next week which will say "People of Quality Don't Fear Equality."