WALKERTOWN, N.C. — Teachers have faced several challenges during the pandemic shifting back and forth from virtual to in-person learning.

What You Need To Know

  • 5th grade teacher Olivia Constantinidi makes funny weather videos for her students

  • She dresses up as a meteorologist with a mustache

  • She writes, edits and films all of her own videos and publishes them on YouTube

Olivia Constantinidi, a 5th grade teacher at Walkertown Elementary School, decided to make the best of it and started creating funny videos to teach her students about the weather.

Constantinidi writes, films and edits her own videos about several different weather topics, like the four seasons, and dresses up as a meteorologist named Storm E. Weather with a mustache.

She started doing this after she and her students were sent home to do online learning because of the pandemic.

“It was nice to make these videos to stay connected to my kids,” Constantinidi emphasizes.

Constantinidi says her class really enjoys the videos, and since her videos became so popular, the entire 5th grade wanted to see them.

Constantinidi says she also learned a lot from creating these videos.

“Now, the second time around, if I go to redo it, I’ll have a little bit more knowledge under my belt and can make them even better,” Constantinidi explains.

Constantinidi posts her videos on her YouTube page.

They are designed for 5th graders, but she says anyone can watch and enjoy them.