KERNERSVILLE, N.C. – A breast cancer survivor who took up gardening to cope with anxiety is now helping other women do the same.

Every day Navonya Jones waters over 100 plants in her home. Gardening is a hobby of hers that started after she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in August 2018. Jones says she used it as a way to cope with anxiety.

“It helped me transition from feeling like this is the end to just focusing on life, growth, and moving forward," Jones says.

Jones had a double mastectomy with reconstruction in January of 2019 and has since been cancer free. In honor of that milestone, she started a nonprofit called "The Pink Planter," where she delivers free plants to women currently battling breast cancer. Her hope is to empower them.

“If I can come through it the way that I did, you can also come through it and that’s the message and the premise behind what we do. It’s always forward thinking, always staying positive, and always being focused on life because your will is what will cause you to live," Jones adds.

She has donated over 300 plants to women so far. She says the plants represent accepting their current situation as a part of their journey and not their end destination.

“Kind of like the life of a plant when they begin to turn brown or they wilt, we snip the plant so the plant will continue to live. Our lives are the same way, they may take your beasts so you can live but you don’t die," Jones adds.

Currently "The Pink Planter" serves women battling breast cancer in the Triad, and plants can be requested at her website.

She is also looking for donations to help distribute more plants. Jones says it can be in the form of monetary donations or planting supplies like soil and pots.