GREENSBORO N.C. -- Sales of anti-racism books shot up at the beginning of the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, and smaller, independent bookstores are struggling to keep up with the demand.

Shannon Jones, the manager of an independent bookstore located in Greensboro, said that the shop is seeing an uptick in sales of Black authors in general. 

"They're looking for Stamped From the Beginning by Ibram Kendi, James Baldwin backlist, Angela Davis backlist, Audra Lord backlist, like prominent black leaders and activists," said Jones.

"I would speak for us and other independent book stores that we know that it has been an overwhelming amount of orders of anti-racist books in the past couple of weeks. Which is great," she followed.

Her bookstore, Scuppernong Books, reopened its doors just in time for soaring sales.

"It's definitely a good bounce for us," Jones said. "I certainly hope it's a good bounce for other independent book stores in the country, especially black-owned independent book stores."

Jones says it's encouraging to see people educating themselves.

"Especially for white people, it's our job to do our own work and educate ourselves. That's the response we've been seeing a lot from people. People want to be taking a more active role in their own education surrounding racism, which is great," added Jones. 

However, anti-racism books are not the only books selling out at Scuppernong Books. 

"In addition to the actual anti-racism books is an uptick in sales of just authors of color in general, so sci-fi authors like N.K. Jemison, Marlin James, just people who are writing novels," said Jones.

She is hoping this trend doesn't fade any time soon.

"Even once the hashtags fade, and the Black Lives Matter movement is not on the forefront of everybody's social media pages, I'm really hoping that people will read these books and we can use them as a more quiet and persistent change, instead of just the blowup of everybody posts about it on social media for two weeks and then it goes away," said Jones. 

Scuppernong Books can't keep these titles in stock, and independent bookstores, in particular, are asking for your patience right now while some of these titles are on backorder.