GREENSBORO, N.C. – Cities across our state are taking the initiative to address people's views about racial and social injustice.

Greensboro launched the new “R.A.C.E GSO" project Thursday.

City leaders say it provides an avenue for the community to express its views on racial and social injustice.

Greensboro activist Portia Shipman is participating in the first part of this project by creating a video to express her own experiences and thoughts about the city.

Since Shipman says she is doing her part by participating, she says she wants the city to do its part too. 

“I want to see some action. Come back in three or four months and tell me has it made a difference, has it made a change because that's what I want to see,” Shipman emphasizes. 

The deadline to submit a video response is July 4th, and you can submit them for free on the city's website