GREENSBORO, N.C. – Precision Fabrics Group has made protective fabrics for years, and now its product is helping thousands of Arizona healthcare workers.

Last week, the company sent more than 7,000 pounds of material to Dignity Health to be made into isolation gowns.

“These are protective apparel fabrics that have barrier properties such that the wearer is protected from blood and pathogens and so forth and bacteria from basically contracting that,” Precision Fabrics Group President Jeff Whiting said.

The gown was designed by a Dignity Health surgeon, and the fabric can withstand more than 100 washes.

The order came together quickly.

“The group did what was really thought to be unthinkable in the textile industry, to be able to provide fabrics in four or five days, and to be able to put them on an Arizona National Guard plane was quite outstanding, and it made us really proud of the professionalism of our armed forces,” Precision Fabrics Group Corporate Vice President Byron Bassett said.

Not only does the partnership help clothe healthcare workers on the front lines, but it also keeps work going at home.

"They are making a huge difference in producing these essential products in an essential business for an essential application, for essential people out on the front lines. So I’m very proud of our employees,” Whiting said.