NORTH CAROLINA – Zach DeLancey has been 3D printing for about five years. But, what started as a hobby has turned into a business.

Recently, DeLancey found a way for his business to give back. It all started when a friend reached out and asked about printing face masks strain reliefs.

"She's a nurse in Pennsylvania, and she asked if I would be able to make her some for her and her staff," he says. "So, I said of course I'd be happy to. I need to share this with other people and really try to help as many people as I can."

Since then, he's printed about 600 and shipped them all over the country.

"I've had law enforecement reach out to me as well as people working in warehouses, in grocery stores, and in the restaurant industry," DeLancey says.

He could make a profit off of them, but intead he's giving them all away for free.

"It's honestly a blessing. God has blessed me with the technology, and I'm thankful that I can do that in this time of need," he continues.

For more information about helping or getting a face mask strain relief, visit DeLancey's Facebook page or GoFundMe.