CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Todd Peterson is trying to help the elderly stay connected and not feel alone during this time of social distancing. Monday he tested out his first virtual technology meeting.

“I realized that a lot of people were feeling alone and not connected with other folks because they were staying at home,” Peterson said. “That sense of belonging, that sense of comradery, is so important.”

Peterson has a background working on computers. He is using video conferencing software called “Zoom” to hold the training sessions. The non-profit MakerSpace is paying for the pro version of zoom video. It allows up to 100 users to tune in to the training sessions for free. On Monday, Peterson had a few people tune in, so he took questions from the audience one by one.

“Each day it might evolve based on the people who come in, they may have different needs,” Peterson said.

His goal is to teach people how to use social video technologies such as Skype, FaceTime, or even Zoom.

“We are in a contagion of loneliness and we can stop that,” Peterson said.

Viewers can tune into these sessions on a computer, ipad, or even your phone.

“For me, this is making a difference,” Peterson said.

How to Tune into the Sessions:

The free virtual sessions are being held Monday through Friday at 10 a.m.

In order to tune in viewers will need to download the Zoom app onto a phone, tablet or computer. Then use this link to connect:

Meeting ID: 519465857