WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The Partnership for Prosperity will continue the work Poverty Thought Force began in 2015.

  • There are 10 scheduled listening sessions around the city through April
  • About one quarter of African-Americans are living at or below the poverty level, according to the mayor
  • Information about the Partnership can be found here

The Force created a list of 56 recommendations for ways Winston-Salem can lower the poverty rate, now the partnership will look for ways to implement them.

“Overall poverty in Winston has gone from 26 percent to 21 percent. Poverty among African-Americans has dropped 36 percent to 26 percent, but still, if you think about it, that means that one quarter of African-American citizens are living at or below the poverty level," Mayor Allen Joines said.

Partnership leaders have already scheduled 10 listening sessions around the city through April. The executive director says it's imperative to get community cooperation.

"For too long in this town there was a tradition of things coming from the top down and people being told what they need instead of the people telling what they need. So that's why that's just paramount to us to start from the ground up," John Railey said.

He and Chanel Nestor will lead the group. Nestor grew up in Winston-Salem and says she's seen how people can bring themselves out of poverty, but that it's not possible for everyone to do alone.

"I feel like a lot of people were there because of situations, not necessarily because they didn't have the will to do better. It's because life happens,” Nestor said.

Information about the Partnership can be found here.

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