WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- In the 2018 election, voters approved a bond to fund various city parks renovations.

Recently, Winston-Salem City Council approved moving forward with three. The improvements are phase two of planned renovations. The first phase was executed with 2014 bond money.

Kernersville resident Wade Hampton is excited to see what the next phase brings.

"I think it's very important. People are looking for more and more walkable and bikeable communities and places to be outside in green spaces," Hampton said.

Bobby Hege, who is the Lakes Program Supervisor at Salem Lake Park, says people understand how important upkeep is to parks.

"Parks are vitally important. They get people out in nature. They help you relieve stress. They actually are a boon to the economy as well, because they bring people in. Because people want to have these areas to go and relax and get away from their jobs," Hege said.

Some of the changes at Quarry Park include a playground and picnic coverings. The total cost of improvements there is around $3.1 million.

"We have a lot of people that go up there, and right now it's just an open space. So when it's hot in the summertime it's not a nice draw. So, adding those shelters will really create a nice ambiance," Hege said.

At Salem Lake Park, renovations coming in around $3.7 million include a steeper ramp for boats, improved waterfront, and soft launch for canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards.

"We're one of the most popular within the region actually. We get people coming from Greensboro, Davidson County, Yadkin County. We draw a large number of people here, and it's really going to make this place more accessible to everyone," Hege said.

Finally, renovations at Winston Lake Park include dredging the lake, improved fishing facilities, and a lake front stroll way.

"Parks last, but you've got to take care of them. You've got to habitually replace things and fix things. You can't just go in and build a park and say there it is and walk away. It takes continually renewal," Hege said.

The renovations are expected to take around two years.

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