GRAHAM, N.C.-- Neighbors living on George Bason Road say speeding is a huge problem.

  • The Alamance County Sheriff's Office say speeding concerns neighbors on George Bason Road.
  • The sheriff's office is starting a new enforcement initiative.
  • The speed limit is 35 miles per hour.

"Yes, everyone is always going pretty fast down the road,” said Alea Lovett, who lives on the residential street.

She says she worries about her kids and her basset hound around the speeding cars.

"We have to keep our dog on a leash just to make sure he doesn't get near the road,” Lovett explained.

There are not any sidewalks on George Bason Road. So, if kids are riding their bikes, they are riding in the street.

The Alamance County Sheriff's Office says speeding concerns other neighbors too.

"We've had neighbors who contact us either by phone, or some actually came to the sheriff's office, asking us for assistance to slow these vehicles down,” said Byron Tucker with the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office. “The speed limit here is 35 miles per hour. As you can see, it's a residential neighborhood, it's very established. Houses are kind of close to this road."

That's why the sheriff's office is doing something about it.

"In one afternoon we had an officer to sit here for no less than an hour and within that hour's time, wrote five speeding tickets. Not one of them was written for less than 15 miles over the speed limit,” Tucker said.

Deputies are actively writing tickets and pulling drivers over.

"It's a pass-through from Swepsonville Saxapahaw Road over to N.C. 54,” Tucker said of the street.

It's extra enforcement Lovett is happy to see outside her front door.

"It makes you a little bit more comfortable. We have four kids. They're always outside playing. You never know if something could happen. So, it is reassuring to know they're out here,” Lovett said.

Both neighbors and the sheriff's office tell Spectrum News that the morning time is when they have seen the most drivers speeding.

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