NORTH CAROLINA – Eyes are on the skies this weekend in North Carolina. Snow is all but certain in the western part of the state, while the east can look forward to rain.

The system is expected to track to our south and east later Saturday through Monday, but the exact path is still uncertain. 

Outages and closures are possible over the weekend through Monday. 

The Department of Transportation is taking different actions throughout the state already. 




For the mountains, some plows are just now returning in from snow seen on Wednesday. Conditions are expected to remain icy through the weekend. 





For the areas west of the mountains through the Triad, the Department of Transportation have already begun brining roads. 

Utility companies are also preparing for potential outages. Duke Energy officials has a team of meteorologists monitoring conditions as well as crews prepping equipment and supplies so they can respond to outages as quickly as possible. 

Lowe's Home Improvement is expecting an onslaught of customers. The store has an emergency command center tracking the storm, and it helps send extra emergency products to stores preparing for storms. It also works with stores following the storm to assess damage.



The Department of Transportation along with Charlotte Department of Transportation coordinated efforts and have begun brining roads to keep ice from bonding on the pavement. If you come across slick spots this weekend, officials are asking you to report them by calling 311. 

North Carolina-based Lowe's Hardware says they're preparing stores in the area to make sure the state is supplied with the things it needs. Lowe's has a command center in Wilkesboro they are using to funnel more products to stores in the path of the storm. 


The coast has the potential to see heavy precipitation, but snow is not expected. 








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