WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The closure of portions of Business 40 does not just affect commuters, but also the business of some restaurants.

  • One restaurants says business has slowed down because of construction
  • Another restaurant says business has picked up
  • NCDOT says to use the Waze app to find the latest information about detours and alternate routes

Willow's Bistro's manager said it's impacted their servers.

"Both of the streets leading to Willow's are closed, so it's been harder for our customers to get here. With all the re-routing, it's all backed up and we've noticed a slight decline in business. It affects our servers, it affects our lives. We've had to cut back on servers because we're slower," Lakisha Ford, Willow Bistro's manager said. 

She says people are also showing up late for reservations due to traffic. Ford also says she is hoping the restaurant's food speaks for itself and customers are willing to take the extra time to find the restaurant. 

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Business is another story at Forsyth Seafood Market and Cafe. The store's owner says the location is perfect as much of Business 40 traffic is detoured to Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. 

"We've been relatively busy today, which is good. Our regular customers seem to be finding their way. We have seen some people wander in and saw the building and came in, so those are people we hadn't seen before. We're right on the corner, so it's a little bit easier because we're at the light and people can come into our parking lot and get out pretty easily," owner Virginia Hardesty said. 

To find the latest information about detours and alternate routes, the Department of Transportation recommended drivers use the Waze app.


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