HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Hundreds of veterans were honored at an early Veteran’s Day celebration this morning at High Point University.

  • Veterans honored at a patriotic salute at HPU
  • Students from HPU volunteered and gave each veteran a blanket
  • Veterans expressed their gratitude toward the students

The veterans stood in salute while they were honored.

For some of the veterans, it has been almost 50 years since their active service.

"To come here and feel this now, we almost go back 40, 50 years in our memories and feel just as proud,” said veteran Laurence Quinn. “And we think we’re standing just as tall when we salute the flag as we did back then.”

Students presented a blanket to each veteran to show their appreciation.

"It's so touching,” said Quinn. “It gives you a great feeling about the youth in this country, [and] what they're really like."

Kaylor Ramsey, a student volunteer, said, "They volunteered so many years of their life so that we could come to this school, so just to volunteer an hour or two is worth it."