The 23rd Congressional District, where a tight primary race took place, now has a winner.

After partial absentee ballots were counted, Max Della Pia conceded, making Tracy Mitrano the Democratic candidate for the general election in November.





During last week's primary, Della Pia held a narrow lead of  just 26 votes over Mitrano. But his campaign says the partial absentee results gave Mitrano the edge.

Final results won't actually be certified until Thursday, but Della Pia says he believes it's time for the party to unite to defeat incumbent Republican Tom Reed.

In a statement, Della Pia said, "Unless we all commit ourselves to work together and put all our shoulders to the wheel to win, all of our efforts up until now will be for naught. Now, working together, we can make a stronger, better party that can and must win in November."