GREENSBORO, N.C. -- More than a third of public schools in the state are closed because of the May 16, teacher rally.

  • 15,000 teachers are taking their concerns to the capital
  • Met at the NC Association of Educators Wednesday morning
  • This event has been in the talks for years

Educators participating met at the North Carolina Association of Educators Wednesday morning.

Other states where teachers are calling for action are West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Arizona.

Brittney Dennis, a teacher from Irving Park Elementary School, says this event has been in the talks for many years. The issues those at the rally are bringing up are not new but are just now coming to the forefront.

"It's kind of at a time where we're saying enough is enough," said Dennis. "It's time to do something. We all started to get together and say, 'Let's start and put a movement on.' That speaks a lot about how many teachers are really serious about this."

Dennis is joined by at least 15,000 other teachers in the state that will take their concerns to the capital.

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