MEBANE -- The city of Mebane is looking for ways to revitalize downtown.

Using a $50,000 grant, the city has hired Rivers and Associates to put together the "Mebane Downtown District Vision Plan."

Cy Stober, the City of Mebane’s development director, says they're determining how to appropriate public investments in a way that's good for the private and non-private sectors.

"We want to be a place that really attracts people, especially visitors. But it's also to have an attractive place to have a business or to live, and we think we could give some attention there," says Stober.

Now the city is seeking public input.

"We're going to have three public meetings. The public is going to lead this conversation and lead this plan. We're going to be listening to them. They will be guiding the whole process and determining the priorities for the plan," says Stober.

The city will host the first public input meeting Tuesday, April 10 at the Mebane Arts and Community Center.

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