GREENSBORO - From now through May the Greensboro Science Center is showcasing a very unique exhibit.

"This exhibit is based on the book by Amy Stewart,” said horticulturist Chandra Metheny. “It's really about the interesting properties of plants and the role that plants have played in history and the mysteries throughout history."

This includes the mysterious deaths of some very prominent people.

"We have the plant that killed Lincoln's mother and we've got the plant that killed Socrates," said Metheny. 

The exhibit offers a fun, safe and educational way to explore some of nature's most toxic flora.  Visitors get to travel from room to room and learn about various poisonous plants that may be lurking in their owns homes and backyards.

"It's fun to walk through with a group of students or families coming through and watch them discover thing because there are a lot of fun clues here  it's not just boring reading but there are a lot of playful twists on plants and a lot of mystery clues to discover and share,” said the center’s vice president of education Martha Regester.

In one one of the rooms, the deadly dining room, people may just learn some frightful, yet helpful facts.

Metheny said, “With corn you wouldn't want to eat it alone because there are some negative effects [because if you eat too much side effects like vitamin D deficiency and diabetes].”

Another flooring fact is that the exhibit was created in North Carolina.

"The North Carolina Arboretum helped to fund and create the exhibit and it's a traveling exhibit that's been all over the country," said Metheny.

Admission to the exhibit includes admission to the center's aquarium, museum and zoo: 

GSC Members (ages 3+): $3.00
Adults (ages 14 - 64): $17.50
Seniors (ages 65+): $16.50
Children (ages 3 - 13): $16.50
Children 2 and Under: Free

Visit here for more information. 


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