GREENSBORO -- A local Greensboro business is one of eight companies worldwide that distributes vehicle barriers on an industrial level.

Barrier 1 Systems distributes vehicle barriers to military bases, nuclear power plants, airports and other high security facilities.

Most recently, the company shipped two new barriers to Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot. White Plains, New York also purchased one of their barriers for crowd control purposes.

The order came just days after the deadly vehicle rampage in New York City on Halloween.

Michael Lamore, President of Barrier 1 Systems, says "I think we're at a point where if you've got a large crowd gathering, you've gotta provide protection....and a jersey barrier across the road or a dump truck works but a car or something, a police car, that's not gonna work, it's just not strong enough."

Company officials say they're currently working with four government agencies nationwide that are interested in their barriers.