The prosecution rested its case after calling a former soccer player at Clarkson University where Hillary was head coach, as well as a state police investigator, Tuesday afternoon.  

It came as a surprise when the prosecution originally said they expected it would take three or four weeks to go through all their witnesses. Instead, it took just one week.

And then, the defense called two of its witnesses. One of those witnesses was a doctor who met with Garrett Phillips for therapy. The therapist told the court that Garrett never complained about Hillary in sessions, and that Garrett may have had depression.

The defense's other witness of the day was Ian Fairlie, a Clarkson University assistant soccer coach who worked with Hillary. The prosecution jabbed that Fairlie seemed to be lying about conversations he had with Hillary the day Garrett Phillips died.

"Although Ian Fairlie, on the cross, had made some mistaken statements under oath, the reason we why called Ian [is] he's our alibi witness," defense attorney Norman Siegel said.

The defense has asked for a dismissal of the case, but the judge says he will reserve making a decision on that request. The defense has also announced that it expects half a dozen more witnesses, and that we could reach closing statements by the end of this week.