WINSTON-SALEM - For the first time, Forsyth Tech is offering 'Destination Forsyth Tech,’ a program focused on creativity through technology.

"The kids will actually be able to learn how to use computers, sort of like computer programming, by tying it in to some of their fun, favorite games like Minecraft,” said instructor Tenae Howard.

Minecraft is the new Mario. Middle school math teacher Tenae Howard plans to incorporate it into her course.

"Mindcraft Models will allow our students to create items in the Minecraft game using a software called 'MCreator' they will be able to create blocks, and oars, and other items to use within the game."

Instructor Nathan Sink said, “Students have a choice to come to these classes. They peak their interest and it's not something they're made to do they want to do it. Whether it's designing video games or working with technology in general being able to get their hands in something at an early age may encourage them to take college classes."

The program runs through July 28th.  Classes are held Monday through Thursday and cost ranges from $50 to $129 per week. 

To find more information, or to register visit here.