GUILFORD COUNTY -- Volunteers from a Florida-based service organization are helping families across Guilford County. 

As part of Community Housing Solutions’ eighth annual 'Ramp-a-Thon', members of Catholic Heart Work Camp built nine of them for families who lack financial resources to install them on their own. 

"It's so incredible to see people who are suffering or who have difficulties in their life and see how doing something so small can change their life," said Catholic Heart Work Camp volunteer Michelle Starbuck. 

One of the many families helped was the Cervantes family. Jose and his wife Marisela take care of their 8-year-old granddaughter, Marieyla. Marieyla suffers from cerebral palsy. 

"It is going to help us a lot because it will be easier for us to bring her in and to bring her out, and now we won't have to worry about the stairs,” said Jose Cervantes.  

Community Housing Solutions has repaired and renovated more than 525 homes and invested more than $5 million in Guilford County neighborhoods.