GREENSBORO - As people are getting ready to raise a glass this New Year's Eve there are a few things to consider.

Champagne can cost upwards of $40 a bottle, but luckily there's some more affordable options out there.

"We have anything ranging from $10 all the way up to $200," said WineStyles employee Douglas Beeson.  

Beeson said at WineStyles in Greensboro their goal is to pair people with the right wine all for the right price.

"You can take a $15 bottle of wine and compare it to a $50 bottle wine and there really isn't a difference,” said Beeson. "With New Years coming up a lot of people are drinking champagne and bubblies."

There are some other, less expensive, options out there.

"We have a lot of different Proseccos and Cavas," said Beeson.  

One customer said she prefers Prosecco, a sparkling white wine, and the price is more reasonable, too.

"A bottle of Prosecco, if you are a wine club member, is about $18,” said Jennifer Williamson. “If you aren’t a member it’s maybe $20 so it's really affordable."

Nancy Wallace, another WineStyles customer, said she also prefers the $20 price tag. Her drink of choice is red wine.

"There's just so many flavors and tastes you pick up on," said Wallace.  

WineStyles offers more than 150 different wines and champagnes as well as non-alcoholic options.