Reese’s Cup dethroned as North Carolina’s most popular Halloween candy

For years, North Carolinians had their hands all over Reese’s Cups for Halloween, until now.  According to, the state just can’t get enough of M&Ms consuming 96,110 pounds of the bite-sized candies.  

The website sells tons of bulk candy to different states around the country.

Of course, almost everyone loves a little something sweet for the holiday, but as for the people of this state, chocolate is the overall favorite.

Reese’s Cups came in at number two with 95,763 pounds and Candy Corn is number three with 62,308 pounds.

Also noted, Baby Ruth didn’t make the cut although the Tar Heel State is where baseball player Babe Ruth hit his first home run. 

The results varied across neighboring states:

  • South Carolina still loves candy corn
  • Virginians choose Snickers
  • Tennessee’s candy of choice are Tootsie Pops
  • Georgia has a preference for Swedish Fish