CHARLOTTE -- Dozens gathered at the Southeast Asian Coaltion Tuesday afternoon to remember the life of 41-year old, Sylasone Ackhavongm, or Bong, who died last week during a police standoff.

"He was loved and he has the support of all of us,” said Monica Bourommavong with the Southeast Asian Coaltion.

Police say Ackhavong was suicidal, carrying a handgun and wearing a bullet proof vest during the standoff on April 20 at 7-Eleven in West Charlotte. He was shot by two officers when he pointed the gun at police.

Community members say they're still in shock about what happened and they want more answers from police.

"We want to see all the video, everything, the 911 calls, everything so we know exactly what happened. I think that's the biggest question right now, is what happened in those moments,” said Tin Nguyen, the attorney for his family.

While this vigil won't bring their loved one back, Nguyen said the family appreciates the community's support during this difficult time.

"They're just so grateful that from this tragedy so many people have come out with a lot love and support and it's very surprising and very just so amazed by that,” said Nguyen.

CMPD says the two officers involved in this incident, Olin Lester and Derek Rud, are on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure after an officer involved shooting.