GREENSBORO, N.C.-- The Glenwood neighbordhood near the University of North Carolina Greensboro has long been a food desert, without a nearby place to get fresh food.

  • Officials say Bestway will provide access that's been long-needed.
  • They hope the business will entice more people to move here and be a part of it
  • 'Spartan Village' also has a bakery, a coffee shop, a juice and smoothie shop

The solution came with the college students. The Shops at Spartan Village opened this weekend.

"I live upstairs. I can walk outside my apartment, walk down here, get some fruits and garlics and stuff like that, and go back upstairs and make my smoothies,” said UNCG junior Morgan Knoble.

A prominent feature is the Bestway Marketplace. It will serve both students and neighbors.

"There is another grocery store in the Glenwood community. It's on the other side. A lot of residents, they literally have to take a taxi to get there. So if there's an opporunity to walk to the grocery store or something that's in a much closer location, I think we offer a very good alternative. A very good choice,” said Roger Kimbrough with Bestway Grocery.

City Council member Sharon Hightower says Bestway will provide access that's been long-needed.

"We address food insecurities. Glenwood is an area that has food insecurities,” Hightower explained. “They don't really have a grocery store. A couple convenience stores in the area, true. But nothing that has really fresh fruits and vegetables other than what they grow themselves."

While many don't think of Bestway as a discount option, Hightower expects it will be within reach for the area's low-income households.

"They are going to offer products that are going to be conducive to the environment of this neighborhood. I don't think that's going to be a problem at all,” Hightower said.

It is a development she says enhances this community, and hopes will entice more people to move here and be a part of it.

"It's an additional amenity that we can now talk about that we do offer. We are looking for individuals to move into our community, to fill our housing stock, being able to improve our neighborhoods, our communities, get housing stability." Hightower said. "I think that's what people really look for. Somewhere when they're going home at night, somewhere they can stop off, pick up a family meal, go on home. And that's a good feeling to know that you have something close by."

Spartan Village also has a bakery, a coffee shop, a juice and smoothie shop, and in-store seating with free Wi-Fi.

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