COLUMBUS COUNTY, N.C. -- Many Columbus County residents are angry that a Delco transport company is looking to fumigate their logs with a dangerous chemical less than a mile away from Acme Delco Middle School.

Hundreds met with state officials Tuesday night to voice their concerns.

  • Malec Bros. Transport requesting air permit.
  • Impacted area would lie inside property fence line in Delco.
  • Tuesday's comments to help make final decision on permit.

Malec Brothers Transport is requesting an air permit so they can treat logs with methyl bromide, an odorless toxic. State officials said the preliminary analysis determined that the impacted area would lie inside the property fence line in Delco.

But residents said they are worried about how this could impact their health.

“The idea that some simple error in the middle of the night by someone without even scientific equipment to turn it off, control it, valve it, could paralyze my whole family is beyond something I could imagine could happen in my country,” said Elizabeth Hester.

Officials said they will use Tuesday's comments to help make a final decision on the permit. We reached out to Malec Brothers and they declined to comment.

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