SEA LEVEL, N.C. --After years of beach erosion, graves at a small down east cemetery dating back to the 1800s are washing away and bones are washing ashore.

  • Erosion has caused part of a 200+ year old cemetery to begin washing away into the sea.
  • Bones have started washing up on shore.
  • $50,000 more in funds is needed to preserve the graveyard. 

Now, residents in the small community of Sea Level are asking for help.

Six months ago, the Sea Level Community Center and the Sea Level Community Fund, raised $8,000 to start building a break water.

But they still need at least $50,000 more to complete the project and preserve the remaining graves.

"These graves are sacred. It's where our loved ones are at and all of us are going end up the same way and I hope somebody cares enough about me that they won’t let it happen to me. It's just that simple," said Woody Hancock with the Sea Level Community Center.

Since Shell Hill Cemetery lies on private property, Carteret County Government says they are not responsible for the maintenance.

If you want to help the Shell Hill Cemetery, donations can be made out to the Sea Level Cemetery Association located at 648 Shell Hill Road, Sea Level NC 28577.

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