ASHEVILLE, N.C.  -- Early Monday morning, cameras caught a suspect vandalizing the Fraternal Order of Police lodge in Asheville.

The suspect spray painted "Black Lives Matter" on the exterior of the building.

The windows of a van belonging to the organization were also broken.

Police say the person cut wires to surveillance cameras, but that didn't stop them from capturing video of the incident.

The suspect appears to be white and is wearing a hoodie.

This comes after body camera video of a former Asheville police officer assaulting a suspected jaywalker has gained nationwide attention since its release last month.

The August 2017 video showed Officer Christopher Hickman beating, choking and tasing jaywalking suspect Johnnie Jermaine Rush.

On Monday, the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance and Baptist Ministerial Union condemned the behavior.

They plan to gather more information about the case to shed light on an issue they say is widespread in the area.

Some residents of Asheville have also taken a back-handed swipe at its police force, with at least three fake "no jaywalking" showing up in the city on Monday.

They warned that "violators are subject to abuse by the Asheville Police Department, including "punches, kicks....and gunshots to the body and head."

Asheville officials say they have taken down all of the signs.