WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, N.C. -- An exchange student at UNCW will be heading back to Germany in May with quite a story to tell.

Jannick Schroder was out bottom fishing about 30 miles off the shore of Wrightsville Beach with two buddies on St. Patrick’s Day when they hooked what they estimate was a 140-180 pound shark.

Schroder said he and his friends reeled the shark in for a long while, but it ended up becoming live bait for something much larger.

A huge, dark shape soon showed up near the smaller shark. At first the three thought it was the smaller shark’s protective mother, but they soon figured out it was a roughly 900-1,000 pound, 10-12 foot long Great White shark.

The Great White snapped the smaller shark in half, rammed against Schroder’s boat and took a bite into the boat’s engine, leaving a tooth behind, all before swimming away.