NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- The New Hanover Co. school system has proposed changes to the school district dress code, including a ban on skinny jeans.

The new policy would prohibit students from wearing tight-fitting pants including leggings and skinny jeans, unless the student covers the pants up with a top or dress to "cover the posterior area in its entirety."

School officials said the proposed policy was created after a girl was bullied because of her skinny jeans. 

Some parents said it's difficult to find other styles for teen girls. 

"That's all they make right now is skinny jeans or stretch pants of some sort. That seems to be the fashion and the style and unless you go a store where it's gently used or a thrift store, you're not going to be able to find a lot of good, brand new jeans that look decent," said Bridget Floyd, the parent of two girls. 

The school system has asked for student and parent input on the new proposal using #policy8520 on social media: