After leaving a news job in North Carolina in 2014, I marked my return to the Tar Heel State in May 2016 with a trip to Bojangles'.  That sugar, I mean sweet tea, was terrific.

Prior to taking the anchor desk on Spectrum News on ABC 45, I spent the last two+ years running in and around Houston reporting for Fox 26. It's an experience that’s left me with countless memories (rather than bore you with the usual “covered high-profile stories such as X,Y,Z. and appeared on Fox News for A,B,C" there’s a music video I put together on my YouTube with some highlights).

It was a blast (unlike most of the Houston Rocket season I witnessed), with many more highs and lows and it took a near-perfect situation to pull me away.

  1. As it turned out my future lies in a return to the past. My first full-time news job after college was with Spectrum News in upstate New York, where I covered both news and sports.

Here are five other things you might not know about Rob:

  1. I’m not a big fan of wearing suits.
  2. I’m a baller, who ran out of talent and growth hormones in 10th grade.
  3. Inspired by Jin Tha MC’s run on BET’s 106 &Park Freestyle Friday, I began spitting diss raps. One time rapper Bun B came at me.
  4. I have a decent autograph collection from my younger days, before selfies were a thing. My favorites are Britney Spears and Kristin Kreuk!
  5. I played the violin growing up and had the chance to take the stage at Madison Square Garden Theater and Lincoln Center when I was in high school.


Twitter: @IAmRobWu