Locations around and east of I-95 across the coastal plain will need to be weather aware through the morning hours.

What You Need To Know

  • Strong storms will be possible Friday morning on the eastern most part of the state.

  • Storm threats may include damaging wind gusts and an isolated tornado

  • Make sure that you have a way to receive weather alerts throughout the first half of the day

A strong storm system that has been moving across the Carolinas since late Thursday.

The system may be strong enough to produce a few severe storms in extreme eastern North Carolina this Friday morning.

Though the risk for tornadoes and severe weather has been decreasing elsewhere in the state, there remains a chance as we continue through the first half of the day.

The risk for a tornado is low but cannot be ruled out. Damaging winds are the primary concern for any severe storms although everyone in the state will get a windy Friday regardless of whether it's storming by you or not.

Here's a look and what the radar may look like as the storms move across the area:

It will be very important that everyone in eastern North Carolina have a way to receive weather alerts throughout the day. For everyone else, keep the rain coat nearby as showers will linger into the afternoon and evening.

A NOAA weather radio is a must for any home in the state. In standby mode, it can be programmed to sound an alarm waking you up if a tornado warning is issued. You can also check the settings in your Spectrum News app to make sure weather alerts are turned on. 

If a warning is issued in your area, you should quickly move to a small, interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. Basements, hallways, closets and windowless bathrooms often provide the best protection during a severe storm.

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