Twitter: @MonteMontello


Monte Montello has been with the Spectrum News Greensboro team since their first day on air in 2006. As a meteorologist who spends a vast majority of his time outside and is originally from the Windy City, it’s no surprise that Monte has happily made the warm-weathered South his permanent home.

This 2008 Certified Broadcast Meteorologist considers himself the middle-man between Mother Nature and his viewers. With great weather brings the great feeling of passing on good news to others. However, the responsibility that comes with informing how bad weather will affect viewers' lives is one that he will never take lightly.

When Monte isn’t reporting on the weather, he’s usually outdoors enjoying it for himself. He’s even been known to cycle 150 miles in a week! The feeling of freedom while on a bike and the overwhelming sense of accomplishment after overcoming the struggle is what keeps Monte returning to his weekly cycling trips.