SILER CITY, N.C. — With health and safety protocols in place, high school football kicked off last week in many towns across North Carolina.

At Jordan-Matthews High School in Chatham County, fans looking to attend the Jets' opener with T.W. Andrews needed a reservation and to do a temperature check at the gate. As for the players and coaches on the field, they're just elated to once again have the chance to play football.

“Well, it's been a long time, November 2019," Jordan-Matthews Head Coach Sam Spencer says. "Kids are ready to go and I'm just glad the seniors are going to get a chance to have their senior season.”

“It's good man to finally be back. It's my first time playing since I got hurt last year in my junior year.  Just good to be back,” Quarterback Xavier Woods adds.

The Jets ended up falling to the Red Raiders 34-26, but those we spoke to in attendance were just thrilled to have football back in Siler City.

“It's been really tough on these kids so, just being able to get out here and get some games in, some people here to watch them, some excitement in their senior year [is great]," Athletic Director Josh Harris says.