CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The Carolina Panthers announced an unconfirmed positive COVID-19 test on Monday, and as a result, the team is working virtually for the next two days. 

A Panthers media relations spokesman conveyed the test prior to the start of Head Coach Matt Rhule's Monday afternoon virtual media session, saying that all personnel that work in the highest level of access were working remotely for the next two days; however, their training room remains open for players needing treatment.​

The team pointed out that this situation will not impact early voting at Bank of America Stadium.

Generally, NFL teams are given Tuesday's off, following a Sunday game, so this appears to have little impact on the team's preparation for their next game against the New Orleans Saints.

Rhule was trying to find a benefit to working remotely for the next two days, saying "Monday and Tuesday are usually a look back, and then a game plan day. That's provided we are back in there on Wednesday."

Rhule continued, "I am hoping that there will be some time for introspection. Hoping we can make it a good thing, but provided we can practice on Wednesday, which we are track for, then I'm good."

The Panthers saw a three-game winning streak snapped Sunday in a 23-16 loss to the Chicago Bears.