SURF CITY -- Dozens of kids from ages 6 to 14 are taking part in Surf City's soccer camp this week. Their instructor? Former United States women's national team player Kim Crabbe.

"I think playing at an elite level for the majority of my life, [I] would be doing a disservice if we did not give back to the community," said Crabbe.

Kim has been helping out and coaching youth soccer around the Wilmington area for almost six years. As a player, Kim won a national championship in college with George Mason. She also holds the distinction of becoming the first African-American to play on the women's national team in 1986.

"A lot of the girls, especially the young ladies here, have really looked up to her this week," said Surf City Athletics Supervisor Bob Braxton. "Asked a lot of questions about how they can move forward in their soccer careers."

Bella Poulton, 13, added, "It's been really good to have a role model like that. She's pretty awesome."

During the five-day camp, kids are learning ball control, teamwork and other soccer basics. The players are soaking in the experience.

"It's a very big honor to have someone like that help me and coach me, and I think it's really cool," said 12-year-old David Cosner.

With the Olympics around the corner, it's quite possible US's next soccer star could be getting their tutelage from Kim Crabbe right along the coast.