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Storytelling is a constant theme in Noelle Lashley’s life. She wrote stories about her stuffed animals when she was a child, was a proud theater kid through high school and chose journalism clubs over a healthy sleep schedule in college.

Noelle graduated from the University of Georgia and moved to Missoula, Montana for her first job. She learned many tricks of the trade there, including how much coffee to drink in order to function at 3:30 a.m., and how to defrost frozen camera equipment with a car heater. She then spent two years reporting in Spokane, Washington. Her coverage included severe weather events, politics, protests, human interest stories, crime and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic touched her life personally and left her with long-hauler symptoms for almost a year. She spent months relearning how to talk, breathe and move through speech and physical therapy. She empathizes deeply with people who’ve been similarly impacted and is overjoyed to have a second chance to help tell your stories in this wonderful community.

When she’s not running around with a camera, Noelle loves finding new parks and trails, going on adventures with her boyfriend and dog, playing video games and trying to make great gluten-free food. She’s always wanted to live in North Carolina and is thrilled to be here.