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Katy has covered hundreds of stories during her time as a reporter, but her favorite by far was about a young boy with Amniotic Band Syndrome who wanted to meet one of his heroes, Cam Newton. “Little” Cam Haight uses a 3D-printed hand in place of his biological hand that isn’t fully formed, and makes 3D-printed hands for other children with limb-difference disabilities.

Little Cam made Cam Newton his own 3D-printed hand and was able to deliver it to him in person at the Panthers’ summer training camp. Katy’s story, focusing on Little Cam before his trip to Spartanburg, reinforced the notion that these stories make a difference, and, in this case, have the power to change a child’s life.

Katy is a self-proclaimed football fanatic, so if it’s a weekend during football season you can catch her tailgating and cheering on her favorite teams: the Carolina Panthers (#KeepPounding) and the South Carolina Gamecocks! Katy was even lucky enough to cover the NFL Owner’s Meeting in Atlanta for the Panthers’ historic sale.

Although Charlotte has always been her home, Katy still loves getting out and exploring the Queen City whenever she can. Her recommendations? Alexander Michael’s, Cajun Queens and Sycamore Brewery.