WASHINGTON — Mick Mulvaney will take over as White House chief of staff, at least temporarily.

President Trump announced Friday that Mulvaney, currently director of the Office of Management and Budget, will become acting White House chief of staff.

Mulvaney will replace General John Kelly, who is leaving at the end of the year. 

A former Republican congressman from South Carolina, Mulvaney joined the Trump administration as OMB director in 2017 with a reputation as a budget hawk. Mulvaney was a driving force behind several controversial proposed funding cuts, including cuts to block grants used for Meals on Wheels, and $800 billion from Medicaid. 

Trump also named Mulvaney acting head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau later in 2017. He's been in charge of both agencies since.

White House officials told reporters Friday that there is no time limit on when Mulvaney will be replaced with a permanent chief of staff. 

They say Trump picked Mulvaney because they get along. 

This is a developing story. Check back for the latest.