WAKE COUNTY, N.C. — A national opioid settlement is putting billions of dollars into recovery efforts. North Carolina is part of the agreement, and Wake County leaders recently voted on a plan on how to utilize the money.  

What You Need To Know

  • The National Opioid Settlement will put billions of dollars into recovery efforts in the U.S.

  • Wake County will receive $36.1 million over the next 18 years 

  • Recovery specialists say the funding is needed

According to the county, the Wake County Opioid Settlement Funding Plan will invest $4.85 million in four initiatives until June 2024. A total of $36.1 million will be invested over the next 18 years. 

Megan Peevey is currently on staff at the Recovery Communities of North Carolina as a peer support specialist.

Peevey says she is able to connect with clients because she knows exactly what they are going through. 

"It took me a really long time to be able to honestly do something with my life. I had a lot of consequences," Peevey said. "A lot of loss of family, jobs and connection. [I] went to jail, went to prison, lost everything and ended up in a really dark space."

Peevey has now come full circle, working at the recovery center that helped her reach sobriety, which she has maintained since 2019. 

Her job day to day involves helping others who are dealing with opioid struggles to realize a different life is available. 

"I didn’t even believe in myself, so to be able to believe in someone and connect with someone that may be feeling that way is really powerful," Peevey said.