WAKE FOREST, N.C. — The housing market taking off has meant big business for some people in the interior design industry. 


What You Need to Know 

With people refinancing their homes and incorporating home offices, the interior design business is taking off 

A woman found flexibility in starting her own business, MM Interiors 

Small things can go a long way in refreshing a space 


After a busy year of renovations and installing home offices in 2020, Melissa McCaskill started her own business in July of 2021. 

"I definitely encourage anyone to kind of go out there," said McCaskill. "It's not as intimidating as you think it is."

McCaskill said she is still learning the ropes of being an entrepreneur and loving the flexibility it gives her as a mom and wife. Fortunately for her, there isn't a shortage of people who want work done to their homes.

"I think being stuck inside, they wanted to create like this haven for themselves," said McCaskill. "This was the first time that I think they wanted to have something they could have control of since they didn't have control of anything else."

She says she has seen people refinancing their homes and putting the money back into home renovations.

While her list of clients is abundant, she says she is running into obstacles with ordering furniture during the pandemic.

"Definitely lead times, as far as custom furniture. Also, furniture that was supposed to be in-stock furniture is now almost three months' time or three to four weeks, that's really been hard," said McCaskill.

She says custom furniture pieces could take three times as long as they usually would before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Beyond big orders, McCaskill says small things can make a huge impact when it comes to refreshing a room, like a new paint color and changing out items in a bookcase.