GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Greensboro Science Center is asking for pumpkin donations to give its animals a special post-Halloween treat. 

What You Need To Know

  • The Greensboro Science Center is collecting pumpkins for its animals

  • The pumpkins must not be carved, bleached or painted 

  • The pumpkins are used as a tool to help with animal enrichment 

Kelesy Hughes, manager of volunteer and intern engagement, said the center is asking for pumpkins that have not been bleached, carved, or painted. Her goal is to collect enough to give every animal at the center their own pumpkin, and she’s thrilled by the community support received so far. 

“It’s really great to see some really awesome pumpkins coming in that all of our animals can enjoy of all different sizes and shapes,” Hughes said.

The varying sizes of pumpkins are important because they go to animals both large and small, from tarantulas to tigers.

Senior Keeper Carolyn Mikulskis said the pumpkins are important for the enrichment of the animals. Interacting with a new object helps keep them mentally and physically on their toes. 

“Before, when we haven’t had these donations, we always kind of felt like the animals got left out of all of the festivities,” Mikulskis said. “This really lets us help people connect with the animals on a different level and helps the animals with such a fun treat.”

Hughes said the Greensboro Science Center will accept fresh pumpkins through Nov. 6. Donation appointments can be made by emailing